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Inspirational stories are more than just a series of events. They go deeper. Stories are symbols for the life of the mind. Stories are adventures without having to move from the sofa, bed, hammock or wherever you like to enjoy your reads.

So where is it we go when we pick up a book, when we let another person's words lead us from the familiarity of our own lives? Where is this realm of stories and is there any limit to what we might find there?

Joseph Campbell said that Myths are public dreams so here's my invitation to come dream my dreams....well to come buy my books anyway. Don't be shy!

The Hereafter was born after I discovered the idea of an artificial afterlife in the writings of Ian M Banks and wondered how our world would react to the creation of such a thing.

Bungee and The Trilogy Of The Realms came out of reading a lot about near death experiences as a teenager and wondering why everyone who has died and come back reports a different experience.

Age Of Games just grew out of the idea that life is a game.

Desert Island Franchise came from the idea that everything we do in life is really to manipulate our own emotions so what if emotions were currency?


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