Age Of Games

Wealth is an illusion. The game of life is played for another prize and that prize is Fortune, but the playing field is not as level as it is supposed to be and so our hero Jacks is rolled into play with his idea for a loaded dice.

This epic sci-fi fantasy tale through a futuristic world is a classic story of corruption within a society masquerading as utopian and an unsuspecting hero plucked from an ordinary life to reset the balance and save the world from that corruption.

Jacks is a player at the level known as Chevalier in Roulette City which means he plays to maintain his comfort but not for progression within The Game. Only recently he has been plagued with an idea that could change everything.

On one day everything does change when he is made an offer for the ideas in his mind. The offer comes from a mysterious Big-Player from inside High-Rise City, but Jacks refuses and is therefore challenged to 6 month game of hide and seek. If he loses he hands the contents of his head and gets nothing

The events following this challenge lead to him making a discovery about the FantasyEngines that are at the heart of their society which gives him certain advantages when he is accepted into High-Rise City.

The City however is not what it seems and the closer to the centre of The Game he comes the greater the deeper the corruption until he comes face to face with the Lord-High-Overseer himself to return the purity to the age and establish the equal redistribution of Fortune to all citizens.



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To be released 2016

Coming Soon