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A group of no good layabouts are recruited by a strange new company who are setting up stores on desert islands in case anyone is ever marooned there. Each of these reprobates spend their trial period in their own store on their own island, but how do they prove themselves in order to become fully fledged executives at the end of their first year? How is the company planning to make its profits with stores in such remote locations? The biggest questions of all though are around the mysterious director of 'D.I.F.' whom no one has ever met - how does he do the things he does to make the business work?

This serial fiction story is contemporary fantasy set in our modern world but not how we know it. I will release a new episode on the fourth Friday of every month.

Season 1 sees the beginnings of success for the ten original franchises.

Season 2 sees this success back in the real world.

Season 3 sees expansion of the business model into other markets.

Season 4 we meet The Director and learn his back story.

Season 5 sees a world turned to darkness and the rise of the competition.



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Serial Project Unfolding on Wattpad

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