A Monster Calls Poster

A Monster Calls – A Hero’s Journey

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A Monster Calls is a journey into loss and shame the likes of which you’ve rarely seen before. It is fantastic in terms of the production design, performances and writing. I of course particularly enjoyed the wisdom woven within the story – the dark mythical threads that stimulated the storyteller and remedial hypnotist inside me. […]

Arrival Movie Poster

Thoughts That The Arrival Of Aliens Inspired About Brexit

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I don’t know. It’s a resounding thought in my head at the moment. Since Brexit. Since Trump Vs Hillary. I don’t know. I watched the movie Arrival recently and was really impressed. I knew it was going to be an intelligent movie rather than just a bit of fun, but I found it activating brain […]

Surface Detail Book Cover

The Digital Afterlife Of Iain M. Banks’ Surface Detail

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Iain M. Banks’ Surface detail is one of my favourite books. It is an epic space opera as well as about a subject that fascinates me – the continuation of life after death through technology. In Surface detail, as well as a number of other Iain M. Banks books, this is achieved in three different […]

Transcendence The Movie

Transcendence The Movie And An Artificial Afterlife

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I watched Transcendence the movie last night and it got me thinking. The stories that became myths that became religions that became the foundation to societies offered transcendence. It is the bribery the divinities or their representatives offer in exchange for following their rules. Heaven is the best known in my corner of the world […]

Spiderman & Venom

I Am You, A Different Story About Having A Superpower

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The Trilogy Of The Realms is a different story about having a superpower. It is not at all your classic superhero and super villain story but it does share many elements viewed through the lense of contemporary fantasy. To be able to take over the body of whoever they want means that there are no […]

Stephen King's The Dark Half

Stephen King’s The Dark Half Summary Of Themes

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One of my favourite Stephen King’s books is The Dark Half. I have read it a couple of times but not for a good few years. Looking back in hindsight I can see why it grabbed me the way that it did and that is the theme of the book. Ever since coming across the […]

Steelheart book cover

Steelheart – An Interesting Twist On The Superhero Novel

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In the last couple of months, I have slightly belatedly got into the writings of Brandon Sanderson and I am now on my third of his books. It has taken me a while considering I have been aware of him since he finished Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time Series which I miss bitterly now I […]

Hero Vs Villain Arm Wrestle

Superheroes Vs Villains. The Ego And The Shadow.

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Have you ever wondered how it is that in a universe where a superhero is freakishly discovered, a super villain seems to coincidentally appear at around the same time. Whether the hero arrives from space, is bitten by an insect or involved in some kind of scientific accident, they rarely materialise in the universe by […]

Tom Hardy As The Kray Twins

Legend – The Krays Film – The Story Of You

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I spent the afternoon with the Krays yesterday and was blown away by Tom Hardy’s performances in Legend, the Krays film. I felt the film as a whole lacked a strong story, but I could have watched Tom for another two hours quite happily. The main thread holding the events of the film together is […]

The Matrix

The Matrix Mythology – The Conscious And Subconscious Mind

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Stories, dreams and your mind are all the same thing. Mythologist, Joseph Campbell, said that myths are public dreams. The Matrix is a modern myth and like all myths, tells us about what it means to be alive. Spoilers alert There is much to be found online regarding the meaning of The Matrix. Much of […]